Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Aadhaar Bridge?
  2. Aadhaar Bridge is an online service that makes it easy for companies to access the Aadhaar National ID system - hosted by the UID Authority of India (“UIDAI”). In order to provide this service Khosla Labs is a registered AUA(Authentication User Agency) with the UIDAI.

    Aadhaar Bridge offers services through online APIs for conducting Authentication and eSign transactions.

  3. What is an Aadhaar Authentication transaction?
  4. The Aadhaar Authentication or Auth transaction is similar to userid and password being used while logging into say gmail. It is a person's way of proving who she or he is. The Aadhaar Authentication API only returns a YES/NO response for a verification request.

    Aadhaar Auths come in 3 flavours:
    • Biometric Authentication - Uses the resident’s fingerprint or iris along with the Aadhaar number to verifying the person’s identity.

    • Demographic Authentication - Uses the resident’s Aadhaar number and demographic details such as Name, Address, Gender or Date-of-Birth to verify the person’s identity.

    • OTP Authentication - Uses the resident’s Aadhaar number and a One Time Password (OTP) sent to the resident’s registered mobile number to verify the person’s identity.

    Authentication type Information used for Authentication Type of Verification Level of Assurance
    Biometric Fingerprint or Iris scan What I Am High
    OTP Uses One Time Password What I Have Medium
    Demographic Name, Gender, Address, Date of Birth What I Know Low
  5. How does one implement Aadhaar biometric Auth?
  6. The UIDAI provides for both fingerprint and iris biometric authentication. The UIDAI has also recommended standards for fingerprint and iris sensors that can be used for Auth. User agencies need to procure STQC Compliant sensors in order to use the Aadhaar online services.

  7. What are the list of biometric sensors supported by Aadhaar Bridge?
  8. We support all biometric sensors/devices certified by Aadhaar. List of Certified Aadhaar devices here

  9. What are the different environments made available?
  10. There are the following:

    1. Pre-production
    2. Production environment

    Pre-production environment is provided by UIDAI with real Aadhaar IDs. It is meant to do pre-production testing not to perform production transactions. It is to be used only for non-commercial testing and demos. It is less stable than the production environment.

    Production environment is the live environment which supports commercial transactions in a live production mode.

  11. My product is ready to go live. How can I access the Production environment?
  12. You can access the production environment by signing up for our Enterprise edition package. Click here for further details.

  13. Great! I want to register for the Aadhaar services. Now what?
  14. Sign up

    Please complete the sign up form with the correct details of your Organisation. The email id signed up with, can't be changed later.

    Once you have signed up with us, we will e-mail you instructions and list of requisite documents for UIDAI approval.

    Please note: Incomplete or inadequate sign up forms will be rejected.

  15. Does my Sub-AUA application need approval from UIDAI?
  16. Sub-AUA is allowed to do only Yes/No Authentication.

    After you courier us the Sub-AUA Application with complete documents, Aadhaar Bridge will conduct due diligence on your application. On clearing the due diligence, we will forward your applciation to UIDAI, New Delhi for Sub-AUA approval.

    Subject to UIDAI approval, you will have to Submit us Sub-AUA Agreement and make payment to start using our services.

  17. How do I execute the Aadhaar Bridge Agreement?
  18. You can sign the agreement either:
    online with a Digital Signature. Or;
    offline by taking a print out of the document.

    Where the agreement is signed offline with a wet signature, scan and send a copy of the agreement to


    Mail us the hard copy to :

    Attn: Aadhaar Bridge
    Khosla Labs Private Limited
    #18/2A, GRS Towers,
    2nd floor, Opp SpringFields Apartments,
    Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560102
    Karnataka, India

    After your agreement has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a link to the payment step.

  19. How do I make payments to Aadhaar Bridge ?
  20. Upon registration, you will now be redirected to the payment gateway to make your payment online.

    Your onboarding process is now complete!

  21. What are Khosla Labs Bank account details for NEFT/RTGS?
  22. Beneficiary Name : Khosla Labs Pvt Ltd
    Bank Name, Branch : Kotak Mahindra Bank, Koramangala
    Location : Bangalore
    Current Account No : 1411539585
    IFSC Code : KKBK0000424

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