Aadhaar Offline KYC
Do Aadhaar Based KYC and Authentication using UIDAI Approved method.
Identify and Verify identities using UIDAI recommended methods of Aadhaar QR Code, Paper-less XML, eAadhaar PDF. We verify UIDAI's signatures and manage customer experience between your application and UIDAI portal. Also, you may choose to enhance KYC by doing a 2nd Factor of Authentication - Face Auth with a liveness check
  • Supports UIDAI XML, Offline QR Code and eAadhaar PDF.
  • Get customer details on Name, Address, Gender, DOB, Photo, Email, Phone number.
  • Validate UIDAI Signatures.
Verification Methods
  • OTP - Mobile & Email.
  • Biometric - Video/Image Selfie.
Deployment Methods
  • Support for Web and Mobile Applications.
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